Details of the mandatory fees charged by UMass Dartmouth are important to learn, since these expenses have a large impact on a graduate student's budget. These fees are typically NOT WAIVED. We have compiled the following information regarding school fees, in hopes that it helps all graduate students plan out their finances.

For graduate student income and expenses information, see the Budgeting page [coming soon].

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For 2022-2023 full-time grad students, the average annual mandatory university fees are ~$1,350 for domestic students or ~$1,900 for international students, excluding the mandatory health insurance fee, tuition costs, and taxes.

For complete information on UMassD grad student income and expenses, see the Budgeting page [coming soon].

Mandatory School Fees Per Year*

   $131.22 - Student Activity Fee (charged as $65.61/semester)

+ $374.94 - Technology Fee (charged as $187.47/semester)

+ $813.63 - College/School Fee (averaged, see the next section below)


= $1,320 TOTAL per year for domestic students

+ $520.00 - International Student Fee (only for international students, charged as $260/semester)


= $1,840 TOTAL per year for international students

* for 2022-2023, assuming full-time student status and 9 in-person credits



As found on the Explanation of Invoice webpage, these fees "cover costs directly associated with the delivery of instruction." Despite our best efforts, we do not have detailed information regarding these fees.


Student Activity Fee: $65.61 per semester

Technology Fee: $187.47 per semester

International Student Fee: $260.00 per semester, only for international students

Program Continuation Fee: $250.00 per semester, only for students enrolled for 0 credits

Student Loan Fee: varies per semester, only for students receiving financial aid


International Orientation Fee: $260.00, only for international students, charged once in their first semester

Transcript Fee: $100.00, charged once in the first semester

Graduation Fee: $195.00, charged once in the last semester


Unfortunately, taxes are very difficult to calculate due to their complexity for different situations.

Roughly, we estimate that graduate students pay 13% - 15% of their salary per year in state and federal income taxes.

Additionally, international students have tax treaties that vary greatly from one country to another. For example, a student from Sri Lanka does not have any tax exemption, and a student from the Philippines has a $3,000 exemption. Other countries like Bangladesh and India have larger tax exemptions.

We urge all graduate students to research their tax obligation(s) in order to estimate their finances accurately!


Some optional fees require action to accrue, but are worth consideration as the item may be desirable. Other optional fees are automatically charged to your student account, and action must be taken to waive them if desired.

Student health insurance plan: $3,076 per year, optional, automatically charged every August

Dental insurance: $306 per year, optional purchase every August

Commuter parking decal: $170 per year, optional purchase every August

MASSPIRG fee: $9 per semester, optional, automatically charged at the beginning of each semester

Alumni Association membership fee: $20, optional, automatically charged once in the last semester


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