Your health is very important! The Graduate Student Union has compiled the following health information, in hopes that it is helpful to graduate students.

For health insurance information, see our separate Health Insurance webpage.

For mental health information, see our separate Mental Health webpage (coming soon).

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The vaccinations required and recommended by UMass Dartmouth are listed on the Health Services Office's Immunization Requirements webpage.

Importantly, incoming international students can get the vaccinations AFTER you are in the US (instead of in their home country), where they are cheap and/or free!


Much information about the Health Services Center on campus can be found on their homepage:

The Health Services Center is located on campus, in the back of Roberts Hall and across from Pinedale Hall and Oak Glen Hall. They are generally open when the university is open. More information about their location and hours can be found here.

There is no charge to visit the Health Services Center because it is included in your tuition; they do not charge a co-pay for office visits. More info about Health Services Center fees can be found here.

Go to the Health Services Center only if you have a mildly bothersome health issue during business hours, a general question, need a routine vaccination or exam, or want a free condom.

Health Service Center CAN:

Health Service Center CANNOT:




Here are some local pharmacies who can fill your prescription:

CVS Pharmacy (inside Target)

Walgreens Pharmacy

Walmart Pharmacy

Stop & Shop Pharmacy





Here are some nearby urgent care centers (info last updated on 3/20/2020):

Southcoast Health Urgent Care Center

Hawthorn Medical Urgent Care

AFC Urgent Care New Bedford

Southcoast Health Urgent Care Center


Here are some nearby hospital emergency rooms (info last updated on 3/20/2020):

St. Anne's Hospital:

The Miriam Hospital:

Charlton Memorial Hospital:

St. Luke's Hospital:


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1) It’s a good idea to establish with a PCP if you have more than mild health care needs, such as a chronic medical condition that needs to be monitored and/or managed, if you will be living or working in the same location more than a year, if you are older, etc. However, the wait time to establish as a new patient is several months long, so start early. After you are established with a PCP, later if you get sick you can see them (or a Physician’s Assistant) within a day or two. How to find a PCP… However, you might not want to establish with a PCP if the Health Services Center on main campus meets your needs; they are free (there’s no co-pay for any services they offer), they are conveniently located on main campus, you can see the same Nurse Practitioner whenever you visit, they can do bloodwork, they have same-day appointments, they can refer you to a specialist, they can write prescriptions (but may be more hesitant to do so), etc. However, they can’t provide much non-prescription medication (mainly just ibuprofen), and they are closed during the winter break. If you need to see a doctor urgently but your appointment is several months away, you can call their office weekly to ask for a sooner appointment, next available date, or cancellation. Also, the Health Services Center offers a basic annual physical for free, including blood work!

2) For vision insurance, you can purchase glasses frames online, like through Zenni Optical or Glasses USA, that are much more affordable than the frames sold through an optometrist. Take the paper prescription from your optometrist and enter the numbers from that prescription into the website to order prescription glasses online instead of through the optometrist. You can also get multiple pairs of JUST frames, so that if your frames break you can simply switch out the lenses into your second pair of frames. You can also order a few different styles of frames and try them on to see which ones you like best. You can also purchase JUST the lenses from Walmart Optical, bring them your frames and the prescription and they will make the lenses for you (including any special coatings you may want). They will also help fit the frames to your face comfortably, for free and however many times you need them adjusted.

3) You can get a $150 annual fitness reimbursement from your health insurance for a gym membership like at the New Bedford YMCA.

4) Vitamin D deficiency is VERY common in the winter, especially for people who used to live in sunny climates. Take a vitamin D supplement every day, especially in the winter!