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Pdf map of all parking lots (if this link is outdated, just update the year at the end of the link:

From the parent webpage:

Everyone can park in Lot 18 for free and forever. Lot 18 is the only place where students can park their Parking Portal-registered car for free.

Students are never considered "visitors" or "guests" on main campus, even if they don't have a parking decal, if they are a student employee, if they are a satellite campus student (SMAST, CVPA, or the Law School), or if they are a remote student. No student can ever park in Lot 5 or Lot 14 (guest and visitor parking) unless they have a decal for it.

A car whose license plate hasn't been registered in the UMassD Parking Portal system can get a guest or visitor parking pass, as long as the requester isn't a student. Per the Parking Services' Temporary Permit webpage, if you are hosting guests on campus, email your non-student's guests' names, vehicle, and plate information to 48 hours prior to guests' arrival.

Beware! Parking on Ring Road is by decal only, though there are no signs to indicate it. We've been asking for parking signs along Ring Road for 6 years and counting...

A parking ticket costs $30. A one-day visitor pass costs $5 (but not offered anymore???)


Parking is free at both SMAST building parking lots, and anyone can park there. SMAST has a few parking spots marked with signs for visitors, but anyone can park there and visitors can park elsewhere. Also, the spots without a visitor sign don't require any kind of permit.


There is no parking map for the Law School, but there's an interactive map that shows the parking lots:

Access to the Law School is via a one-way road. After entering the Law School, the first parking lot has a sign saying it's for students, and the second lot has a sign saying it's for faculty/staff. To our knowledge, they don't ticket anyone at the Law School no matter where they park, as long as that car has a valid Law School parking permit in the system.


Most New Bedford students use the SRTA Route 9 Intercity bus, since it runs every 30 minutes and stops at the residential side of New Bedford. Last bus leaves campus at 9:30 pm! No service on Sundays, and reduced service on Saturdays.

SRTA buses are free for UMassD students.


Route 1 Fort Rodman goes from New Bedford to SMAST:






Peter Pan?


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